Le Sa

While in Hoi An I took up the opportunity to meet and go shooting with professional travel photographer Etienne Bossot, a French photographer living in Hoi An, Vietnam. Etienne was kind enough to show me around this beautiful part of the world and introduced me to many of the incredible local folk in a small fishing village. One of the friendly faces I met was this elderly Vietnamese man, aged 76 years old, his name is Le Sa. He used to be a fisherman but after an unfortunate accident he was forced to give up fishing. His kids live far away in Saigon, and do not help out financially. He is alone, making very little money to make ends meet, trying to survive and live a healthy lifestyle. Le Sa, says it’s always very difficult in the winter for him, as his stomach hurts, he struggles to work for long periods at a time.

On the upside Le Sa, now makes Coracles (small, lightweight semi sphere boats). The boats are oval in shape and very similar to half a walnut shell, the structure is made of a framework of split and interwoven willow rods or bamboo, and tied with willow bark traditionally in Wales, but Le Sa uses bamboo for most of his designs. Etienne has been helping sell his boats in Hoi An to local people to use for fishing.

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