One Monks Journey

This novice monk like many of the novices in Myanmar is somewhat misplaced from his home due to the disruption with his family. Originally from the Shan State, an area he escaped from the civil unrest, his parents feared for their children so they asked him if he wanted to leave and become novice in Bagan. His brothers and sisters didn’t want to leave their home, but he continued his journey to Bagan where he is now cared for properly, fed and educated. He explained that he wanted to move to Bagan and that he’s most happy as a novice in Bagan. It was difficult for his family to put food on the table, so being a monk he has enough food to survive and is well cared for. I asked him if he would continue to live the rest of his life as a monk, he said he wasn’t sure what the future holds just yet and that he prefers to take it day by day and spend time with his friends. Beautiful kid, really intelligent for his age (he does look a lot older in this photo), he would have been no older than 7 years.

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