Wet Day

Vietnamese woman riding home with her umbrella on a rainy day in the quiet town of Hoi An in Vietnam, Southeast Asia. These old blue shutters fasincated me to the point that I returned every day for the whole week I was in Hoi An. The colour was captivating, but on a sunny day I wasn’t phased by the tones, that was until I visited on a rainy day when the light was diffused and the cool tones, rain and wet road complimented each other. I always scout locations for the best angle and composition, sometimes it may not appear photo worthy until an extra element is included (woman riding the bicycle). A few bicycles passed by, but nothing that I hadn’t already photographed the previous days, bicycles are everywhere so I knew if I waited long enough the right moment would come. As soon as this woman rode into frame I fired a few shots and instantly knew this was the one. 

Categories: Vietnam

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