Lasseters Camel Cup 2014

Alice Springsʼ Lasseters Camel Cup is an amazing race that is iconic, quirky and its reputation reaches far beyond Northern Territory soil. The Cup is held annually on the 2nd Saturday in July in its own arena at Blatherskite Park, a section of the Central Australian Show Society grounds.

The family and fundraiser event is well known for its unpredictable and very entertaining camels as well as the brave and crazy riders. With camels supplied by Camels Australia and Dennis Orr Camels  – the Lasseters Camel Cup attracts around 5,000 people from all over the world. While camels may have a reputation as dedicated ‘ships of the desert’, these magnificent beasts are certainly not short on personality. Racing them can prove a nightmare for riders and handlers but fantastic viewing for spectators. Entertainment is assured, with nine unique races scheduled around the dusty outback track throughout the day.

To view the full story and more images visit Australian Geographic, or purchase a copy of the magazine – Issue 123 (Nov/Dec) 2014.